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Learning you or a loved one might be suffering from hearing loss can be difficult, but accepting the situation and starting the search for hearing aid solutions is the first step toward an improved life. Nearly 40 million people in America have problems hearing, but Concepts in Hearing in Cincinnati, OH, can help you restore your ability with state-of-the-art audiology services. A professional diagnosis is the best way to know you need help, but there are things to watch for that indicate you should see an audiologist.


3 Signs You Might Need A Hearing Aid


1. Words Aren’t As Clear When People Speak

Loss of hearing can lead to awkward social situations, especially if you have to ask people to repeat themselves regularly or miss too much of the conversation to understand it and respond appropriately. Poor hearing especially can affect your ability to hear higher voices, like those of women and children. If you hear people speak but have trouble understanding what they’re saying, a hearing aid might be the solution.

2. Your TV Is Turned Up Louder Than Before

Even if you don’t notice your hearing problems, others will once they hear how loud the volume is on your TV or radio. Take a moment to determine whether your entertainment devices are set at a higher volume than previously was sufficient.

3. You Miss Important Information & Alerts

When you have impaired hearing, you might think you heard information correctly but later find out it was wrong. If this is happening regularly, whether during interactions with family members or meetings with work colleagues, you might need a hearing aid. Failing to notice alerts from the telephone, alarm clock, and doorbell also are a sign of hearing loss.

A comprehensive evaluation will determine your level of hearing loss and how it can be addressed. Concepts in Hearing in Cincinnati, OH, can diagnose a broad range of hearing issues and provide state-of-the-art hearing aids and other devices for children and adults. Visit our website for information about their hearing solutions, and call (513) 777-8599 to schedule an appointment.