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Whether you’ve been wearing hearing aids for years or acquired them recently, you know two essential criteria for any hearing solution are convenience and effectiveness. While it’s important that your device meets your hearing needs, you want it to fit into your day-to-day routine without hassle. Concepts in Hearing in Cincinnati, OH, is offering a new solution that could make your life simpler: lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aids.

Using wireless inductive charging capabilities, these devices can be powered without having to be perfectly aligned. Other rechargeable aids must have their contacts precisely lined up, but lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aids feature revolutionary technology that eliminates that need. Because the battery is housed within the device, there is no small and complicated battery door to open. Thus, this solution is more convenient for anyone with vision or dexterity challenges.

Lithium-ion rechargeable hearing devices also are superior to other models because they can be used up to 24 consecutive hours after just one charge. They are as discreet as other receiver-in-the-canal solutions and are particularly resistant to dust, dirt, water, and other substances. You can choose a color that blends with your skin or stands out, depending on your preference.

Lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aids also include intuitive technology that turns them off automatically once they’re fully charged, creating more effective power regeneration. They also have a built-in drying system to eliminate any moisture that has accumulated in the hearing aids during use.

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