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Whether you’re talking to a friend or speaking to a service provider over the phone, everyday communication is essential. If you’re struggling with hearing loss, you don’t have to miss out on these daily interactions. Feelings of frustration and isolation may stem from losing snippets of conversations or struggling to hear television or radio programs—fortunately hearing aids can help. Concepts in Hearing in Cincinnati, OH, specialize in providing quality hearing aids, ear molds, and other hearing related devices.


Below, their team addresses a few myths associated with hearing aids:

  • They’re Bulky: Massive, behind-the-ear hearing aids are a thing of the past. Modern versions are lightweight, discreet, and available in a range of skin and hair colors. In fact, they are often less visible than in-the-ear hearing aids.
  • They’re Only for People With Severe Hearing Loss: While hearing aids are often used by individuals with severe hearing loss, those with mild or moderate hearing loss can also benefit from them. Even with slight hearing difficulties, you could miss out on important conversations and information. Audiologists advise beginning treatment promptly. If you’re starting to encounter trouble hearing, have your hearing evaluated as soon as possible. Many insurance companies (including Medicare) will pay for the majority of the hearing test.
  • They Can Help You Hear Perfectly Again: While hearing aids can improve your hearing, no aid can restore your hearing to the way you used to hear. Hearing aids are digital signal processors that prescriptively amplify the hearing you have available.  Technological improvements have made it easier to fit patients with a more audible and comfortable sound for optimal benefit.
  • One Is Enough for Hearing Loss in One Ear: If you’re only experiencing hearing loss in one ear, you may assume a single hearing aid will suffice. However, when it comes to hearing aids, two is always better than one. When the sound localizes to your good ear, the hearing aid will stream these sounds wirelessly to the other device in your ear with less hearing capabilities. This helps you to localize sounds and hear more naturally overall.

The ability to listen to and talk with one another is a fundamental part of the human experience. If you’re struggling with the loss of hearing, speak to your audiologist to see if you could benefit from a hearing device. If you live in the Cincinnati area, you can count on Concepts in Hearing for all your hearing aid needs. Call (513) 777-8599 to make an appointment for a complimentary consultation or visit our website for more details.