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Loss of hearing occurs in adults for different reasons; sometimes it can be traced back to an accident or illness, while other times individuals are genetically predisposed. While the cause behind the condition isn’t always immediately identifiable, it can be helpful to get to know some of the most common factors.


Below are five of the main reasons an individual might experience deafness during adulthood:


1. Head Trauma

Severe head injuries that compromise the structure of the inner ear can result in sudden deafness. Examples include skull fractures and traumatic brain injuries.


2. Ototoxic Drugs

There are certain types of medications that can cause damage to the auditory nerve, as well as other components of the ear. Though in some instances the resultant loss of hearing is temporary, it’s important to be aware of the potential risk. Drugs linked to ototoxicity include chemotherapy medications, as well as specific antibiotics and NSAIDs.


3. Disease

Certain diseases, such as Cogan’s syndrome, an inflammatory condition that can affect the eyes or ears, are known to cause deafness. Meniere’s disease is another example. The condition typically develops between the ages of 20 and 50 and is sometimes accompanied by a spinning sensation known as vertigo, as well as a feeling of pressure in the ear. It’s progressive and typically only impacts one ear.


4. Extremely Loud Noise

When hearing is lost suddenly as a result of exposure to an extremely loud noise, it’s referred to as acoustic trauma. In other instances, a noise-induced hearing loss may develop over time.


5. Acoustic Neuroma

Some types of tumors can impact the nerve responsible for carrying messages from the ear to the brain. If left untreated, it results in conditions like loss of hearing or persistent ringing.


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