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Hearing aids are important devices that help improve your ability to communicate and listen without strain. However, the professionals at Concepts in Hearing, the premier audiology center in Cincinnati, OH, say it’s important to follow proper maintenance care to keep your hearing aids in top condition.

Below, the experts share a few tips to help you keep your ear molds and hearing aids clean:


1. Clean at the End of the Day

Every night, when you remove the mold, use a hearing aid spray to wipe down your device. Apply it onto a cloth, just enough to moisten it without it dripping, and thoroughly follow the contours of the ear mold and body.


2. Check For Build-Up

Similar to your ears, your mold can develop a wax build-up. Look over the opening for the residue. You can use a specialized tool called a wax loop to remove the substance. Avoid poking it with sharp objects as this can damage the mold. If you’re uncertain about what to use, check with a professional first to ensure it’s a safe option.


3. Keep in a Dry Place When Not in Use

Whenever you remove it, store the ear mold and hearing aid in a dry, cool place. This will help to keep the device in good condition and prevent it from collecting moisture. A case or a bedside drawer are both good options.


If you need a hearing aid, Concepts in Hearing provides an extensive inventory of solutions, including ear molds, and wireless accessories. Our team will help you choose the right fit and option for your needs by conducting a comprehensive evaluation. To schedule an appointment today, call (513) 777-8599. You can also visit us online to learn more about their product selection and services.