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Similar to when you break a bone and the doctor schedules you for therapy, we schedule you for follow-up care after receiving your hearing aids. Follow-up care is very important because every patient’s hearing is unique. We need to ensure we are adjusting and modifying your hearing aids to fit your distinct and on-going needs. Quality follow-up care includes:

Regular Office Visits

It is important to visit our office regularly. A visit could include routine maintenance check-ups or even assessing changes in your hearing abilities. Just like your vision can change over the years, so can your hearing.

Service Repairs

Accidents can sometimes occur, causing your hearing aids to work improperly. Should that unfortunate situation occur, we offer warranty plans and also have options to get your hearing aid is repaired. Before you leave the office after each visit, we make sure your hearing devices are working properly in a variety of situations and settings. One of the most important things about hearing aids is what comes after the purchase. We want to make sure your hearing aids are working their best.

Care after the Purchase

The goal is to help you continue to hear well on a regular basis. Retesting your hearing every year helps to monitor for any changes and make adjustments as necessary. Sometimes programming changes are needed due to changing preferences or lifestyles.

Again, we want to help you with this step and make sure you are hearing to your full potential. Call or come into our office today to find out more about the thorough follow-up care we will provide you or your loved one.