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Signia’s Tinnitus Notch Therapy


In very quiet hearing environments, some hearing aids don’t have enough external sounds to amplify to distract you from your tinnitus. This is when the tinnitus therapy feature comes in. By emitting a customized therapy signia – a soothing sound like waves rolling into a beach – it distracts you from focusing on the ringing in your ears. Signia hearing aids are equipped with different therapy signal types, including four nature-inspired ocean wave signals and five pre-programmed static sounds (e.g., white noise).


Three Strategies. Optimum Results.

Signia offers three different strategies against tinnitus.


Static noise therapy and ocean wave tinnitus therapy cover up disturbing tinnitus sounds with individually tuned therapy signals that divert attention away from the tinnitus, reducing its impact. As a result, you can relax and concentrate on what you want to hear. Notch Therapy is built into the hearing aids and is clinically proven to reduce the annoyance of tinnitus.


1. Static Noise Tinnitus Therapy Signals

This tinnitus feature generates an additional sound in the form of a soft therapy signal. It effectively distracts you from the tinnitus, helping you to relax and enjoy life. in addition to a range of presets, the therapy signals can be customized to your specific needs. Static noise therapy signals use a form of sound that mixes in with the tinnitus sounds and distracts from it. Signia hearing aids offer 5 different types of signal so that you and your hearing professional can choose the most comfortable solution.


2. Ocean Wave Tinnitus Therapy Signals

Inspired by the tranquil sound of the sea lapping against the shore, ocean wave therapy signals replicate the relaxing feeling of being on a beach. Ocean wave therapy signals mimic the sound of the sea to provide a positive, soothing, and stress-relieving listening experience.


3. World’s First: Tinnitus Notch Therapy

This method is especially effective for patient’s who experience tonal tinnitus, the most common type. Unlike the static noise and ocean wave approaches, which introduce an additional therapy sound, Notch Therapy treats your tinnitus inaudibly and unobtrusively. All you have to do is wear your hearing aids as you normally would and it could reduce the annoyance of your tinnitus in just weeks or months.

Notch Therapy offers the potential of reducing tinnitus sounds until they’re no longer perceived as disturbing. By permanently relegating the tinnitus sounds into the background over a long period, over-stimulation is reduced and your brain ‘learns’ to ignore the irritating sounds, bringing relief.


Without Notch Therapy: Tinnitus stands out above the other surrounding noise and is clearly heard.




With Notch Therapy: Notch Therapy reduces the annoyance so that you can enjoy the sounds of your environment again.