Earmolds and Custom Earplugs

These custom plugs are recommended for hunting environments where a low number of shots are fired. The earplug uses a non-linear acoustic filter, and a low NRR of 4dB for awareness of game and tracking dog sounds. It also allows the hunter to communicate with others easily.

Attenuation: NRR 4

IPIL Ratings (Impulsive Peak Insertion Loss According to ANSI S12.42-2010)

Attenuation at 132dB = 15.1 dB

Attenuation at 150dB = 22.8 dB

Attenuation at 168dB = 26.7 dB

Suggested uses-impulses below 160dB peak SPL


Motor Sport Earplugs

These small, custom fit earplugs are designed mainly for motorcyclists to wear under a helmet to eliminate wind noise. This product is not intended as protection from noise. Check local laws governing use.


TRU Custom Filtered Earplugs

This economical custom fit earplugs allow the wearer reduce volume while protecting their hearing. These earplugs are available with interchangeable filters that fit into the earplugs. The wearer can select and change the level of filter (attenuation) according to their noise environment. The filters come in 10, 16, 20, and 25 dB filters.

Suggested use: concerts, marching band, band instructors, sporting events, air travel, etc.

Musicians Filtered Earplugs

These custom earplugs are ideal for musicians and others who want to hear well, while protecting their hearing in high noise environments. These earplugs provide high-fidelity attenuation using Etymotic Research ER-9, ER-15, and ER-25 filters.

Suggested use: all types of musicians, audio engineers, DJ’s, music teachers, dentists, etc.

Musicians Ear Level Monitors

These are custom fit products that deliver a well-balanced sound to musicians. They feature one to six drivers per earpiece, depending on the model selected.

iCustoms Earplugs

These custom earplugs couple with iPod earbuds (and most other brands) to reduce external noise for better sound quality. These earplugs fit securely when walking, jogging, or riding. They come in a durable, yet comfortable material that is offered in a variety of colors, yes, even with glitter.

AquaNot Swimplugs

These custom fit earplugs prevent moisture from entering the ear canal while swimming, showering, etc. They are coated with anti-microbial material, floatable, and come in a variety of solid or swirl colors.

DefendEar Earplugs

These are cost effective custom earplugs designed for maximum reduction of sound in loud environments. They are also available in the Defend Ear Convertible (detachable cord allows selected protection) and the Defend Ear Convertible Comm (comm. Option allows connection to surveillance kit-type radios)

Attenuation: NRR 29, NRR (SF) 24

Custom Sleeping Earplugs

These custom fit sleep plugs help reduce irritating background noises heard while sleeping. They are comfortable and easy to use.

Attenuation: NRR 24-27