Hearing Resources

Taking care of your hearing health involves a number of different things, from finding the right hearing aids to being educated about your options. At Concepts in Hearing, our audiologists strive to offer important resources to our patients, including:

Consumer’s Guide to Hearing Aids

Knowing which hearing aid to choose can be difficult. Our professional and knowledgeable audiologist can make recommendations and suggestions, but it is always a good idea to dive into research on your own. Check out our consumer’s guides to hearing aids to learn about what others like you think about specific hearing aids and accessories. 

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How Hearing Works

To empower yourself as a hearing aid wearer, it is important to know how hearing works. Learn more about the three main parts of the ear, how they function and how they can sustain damage. 

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Degrees of Hearing Loss

Did you know that not all cases of hearing loss are the same? People experience hearing loss in different types and degrees. The severity of hearing loss can vary, ranging from mild, moderate, moderately severe and severe. 

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Latest Hearing Health News

Audiologists, researchers and other hearing healthcare professionals are constantly working to better the world of hearing healthcare. Learn more about the latest updates and news here. 

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Making the Decision to get Hearing Aids

Are hearing aids right for you? The question can be a difficult one to answer. Check out the top 10 signs that indicate hearing aids are right for you.

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Do you suffer from a buzzing, whistling, whooshing or other sound constantly ringing in your ear? If so, you might have tinnitus. Tinnitus is a symptom of many conditions, which means there is no set treatment. An audiologist, like the trained professionals at Concepts in Hearing, will work with patients suffering from tinnitus to find a treatment that can help alleviate the symptoms. Learn more about what causes tinnitus and how to treat it. 

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