Making the Decision to Get Hearing Aids

Making the decision to pursue hearing aids is a difficult one for many people.  Most people tell me they have waited to pursue them because they don’t know where to go? They also tell me they don’t know who to trust to provide them with quality hearing aids and comprehensive follow-up care. At Concepts in Hearing, we strive to provide the highest quality, state-of-the-art products and excellent service.  We provide a thorough assessment prior to the evaluation, a detailed description of each patient’s hearing loss, and a hearing aid consultation of the different types and styles of hearing aids available. We also provide complimentary sound demonstrations of our hearing aids so that the patient can have a better understanding of what the hearing aids will sound like and how they work.  Sometimes patient’s like to schedule a Hearing Aid Consultation/Demonstration appointment, so that their spouse or family member can accompany them to the appointment.  Here are some of the comments our current patients wanted to share………..