Patient Testimonials


As a patient of Lisa Rademacher, I can tell you first hand, how professional and understanding she conducts herself. I never thought I would have to have hearing aids. Lisa was very thorough with my testing and explaining the results.  I have a whole new appreciation for hearing now. With my hearing aids, I don’t have to say, ‘Can you say that again?’ My hearing was much worse than I thought. It’s wonderful to hear conversation again! I highly recommend Lisa Rademacher as your Audiologist.


My compliments upon the friendly and efficient handling of my hearing problem. The hearing aids have changed my life; no longer do I miss conversation or misinterpret what was said, making my participation in a discussion much easier and far more pleasant. Not only do they serve a purpose, but are comfortable to wear—in fact, I forget that I am wearing them! The follow-up service from you and your associates has been efficient, accommodating, and most helpful, so you may consider me as a happy, satisfied patient who would recommend your services with no qualms. Thank you!


The very best testimonials are often examples of how life has changed for the better. I have been a teacher for 20 years and realized that I could hear children speaking, but often could not distinguish what they are saying. I thought the problem was them, but soon realized that I was having the same problem in meetings and when watching TV. Little did I know how much I was really missing! After having a hearing test with Lisa I made the decision to buy hearing aids so I could continue working. The very first day to work, I left my classroom to go to the copier room. I heard footsteps behind me and turned to say good morning. To my surprise, no one was there! I continued down the hallways and heard the footsteps again. My brain finally caught up with my ears and realized that I was hearing my own footsteps…what a shock! I did not even know the sound of footsteps was something I was missing. I rushed to the closest outside door and stood in awe listening to birds singing, another loss that I hadn’t realized. As the day continued, the sounds of lunchroom voices, fellow teachers speaking, and best of all, grandchildren’s laughter all became clear for me. I know now just how much I was missing!


Lisa, I want to thank you again, for my hearing aids. They have helped me so much. Before I had them, I hesitated to go to meetings, movies, family gatherings or outings. I was embarrassed because I couldn’t hear what people were saying. Even church was a challenge. I sat in the front of church, lip reading and hoping to understand what the pastor was saying. I didn’t watch TV with my grandchildren because I couldn’t hear at their level or they would say “Grandma, the TV is too loud!” Now, with my hearing aids I hear better than many of my friends and family. I don’t hesitate to go places and my life is much more pleasant. I put my hearing aids in first thing in the morning and leave them in all day. I forget they are there. I know I had to visit you several times for adjustments at first and you were very kind and patient with me. I want you to know it was well worth it. Thank you for improving my quality of life.


I put off getting hearing aids until I found an audiologist I could trust. Lisa Rademacher introduced me to Phonak receiver in-the-canal hearing aids and I’m one happy fellow.


My heartfelt ‘thanks’ to Lisa for my wonderful hearing! She is not only a lovely person, but so understanding, well educated, and knowing of her business. I love my new ears and am truly grateful for my new ears and am truly grateful for not having to ask anyone ‘what’ again.


I have been a client with Concepts In Hearing now for more than five years and have always found the staff and services offered to be professional, personable, and consistent, with state-of-the-art equipment available and reasonable fee structure. I intend to stay with the service for all my hearing needs.


I was recently fitted wit a Phonak CIC (Completely-in-the-Canal) hearing aid by Lisa Rademacher. She made the whole process easy from the first visit. She was so knowledgable and willing to answer all of my questions. I really like that hearing aid is completely hidden in my ear canal and that my insurance covered the whole cost of the hearing aid. After 15 years of struggling to hear, I am now able to hear so much better in my every day life. I am grateful for working with Lisa. Thank you.